225Research strives to find strong investment opportunities and aims to provide in-depth and insightful analysis of these opportunities for our readers.




We have re-branded! We are changing our name to “225Research”. We believe this was an inevitable step in our progress. Our new name reflects a shift towards a more professional focus in our brand and writing. When we first formed, it was our intent to provide brief reports, injected with humor. However we have naturally shifted to a more professional approach.

Why 225 Research?

Our name stems for the room in which our founders, Samuel Thomas and Mathew Vanderhoeff first met, room 225. This was where their high school investment club met. It was here that they found their mutual passion for investing, and from here that passion grew into what was once the stock boys, and now 225Research.

Whats Next?

Moving forward we plan to continue to provide thoroughly researched and carefully analyzed reports on interesting investment opportunities. In addition we now intended to provide monthly full Equity Research reports to our readers including our financial models, Slide Decks and multi page reports on our top picks. 

We are also working on launching a “learn” section of our website. Where we breakdown just how you can conduct your own equity research. We plan on providing templates, and routines that we use when conducting our research. Our goal is to help the many interested students we come across develop their knowledge in finance.