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Charts to Watch


Yamana Gold (YRI)

with equity markets being so strong, it usually correlates to a weaker gold market, but gold continues to rally with many still fearful of cycle and trade risks. Yamaha broke out of the consolation pattern after digesting the big move it had when gold was moving. so far it looks ready to go, although volume has been weaker because of a seasonally less active period around Christmas.



Cott Corp

Cott is looking interesting as a tax loss buy, having been very weak this year but finally starting to gain some traction. Higher lows and higher highs it has started to print, and is looking constructive



Altus Group

Altus is looking strong after a hold of the medium term trend after a fill of the large gap from an earlier ER gap up. Sentiment looks good as drops are being bought up and the moving averages continue to move higher.