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Trading Ideas

Charts to Watch Oct 28- Nov 1st


Gilead (GILD)

Gilead is in a nice trading range- sell 68, buy low 60s. can buy this one and set a tight stop below a definitive break of support around 61 for a low risk, 6-10% move.



Onex (Onex.to)

Onex is another pattern within a range that can be bought for a trade to the higher end of the range. stop loss in on a definitive break of the trend, offers another low risk, 6-10% return potential.



Palo Alto (PANW)

this is why technical analysis is so important. we flagged PANW as a candidate to breakout of the current trend with very little risk on downside with a stop ready. PANW broke out and is looking like it has plenty of room to continue to run to the upside.



Zebra Technologies (ZBRA)

another chart I continued to mention, same as PANW has room to run after the break and is looking very good.


Zynex (ZYXI)

Zynex offers another compelling entry point- at the trend line on a strong uptrend that has shown strong resilience and relative strength the last few months. stop on a meaningful break of the trend offers a nice risk reward play for a play to new ATH.