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Charts to Watch November 25-November 30th


TMobile (TMUS)

T-Mobile looks to have entered a small sideways consolidation after a strong move upwards over the last year. However, it appears as if a head and shoulders pattern is emerging should it break the neckline to the downside.




EA looks to be in the midst of breaking out of a close to 10 month basing pattern out of a triangle. with a break out of year to date highs could trigger a lot of room to run to the upside, with limited resistance until around 120. risk reward looks good incase of a break below and a chart failure.



Fleetcorp (FLT)

FLT looks very constructive after making a new high after a short little rest. As well seeing relative strength vs other growth stocks that have yet to break out shows strong resilience. blue sky ahead FLT looks constructive here.