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Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

Swiss Water Decaf Inc is a coffee decafinator based out of BC. We are highly skeptical of the company’s products and operations, thus our SELL rating.

Screen of the Week – Infrastructure

With oil prices continuing to fall driven by coronavirus fears, muted economic growth, and excess supply, many infrastructure names have sold off considerably. In this week’s screen, each company offers stable cash flow with a large portion of fixed contracts,…

Screen of the Week- Consumer Staples

Although staples tend to have lower growth, large debt loads and expensive valuations, the stability of cashflows attract all kinds of investors, especially with such low bond yields. The three companies we’d like to highlight tend to retain a majority…

Screen of the Week- Software

It’s tough to make the argument that software companies are cheap, given that many are trading at 10x+ next year’s sales. However, there remains a lot of growth and stability in the business models that help explain these high valuations….

Screen of the week – Restaurants

Weekly Screens – Explained We spend a lot of time searching through names and screening through various companies, but not always are we able to pursue every interesting business that comes up. In this new segment we are sharing the…

Corus Entertainment – More to see

Corus Entertainment owns some of Canada’s most popular TV Channels. It’s well-loved content and pushes into advertising make Corus an attractive investment.

Charts to Watch

Yamana Gold (YRI) with equity markets being so strong, it usually correlates to a weaker gold market, but gold continues to rally with many still fearful of cycle and trade risks. Yamaha broke out of the consolation pattern after digesting…

Charts to Watch November 25-November 30th

TMobile (TMUS) T-Mobile looks to have entered a small sideways consolidation after a strong move upwards over the last year. However, it appears as if a head and shoulders pattern is emerging should it break the neckline to the downside….

PG&E Corp – Fire Sale

PG&E Corp (NYSE: PCG) is a major utility operating in California. They recently gained notoriety upon being found liable for the California forest fire. Since PG&E has been in the news nonstop over forest fires, power outages throughout California, court…

Charts to Watch Nov 11- 15th

Imax Imax looks to be on the brink of an upside breakout of the downtrend in the triangle formation, a very bullish sign that has played out all over the market the last few weeks. buy on the break, stop…