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Andrew Waslen


COP Quotes by TradingView ConocoPhillips is an American oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company operating out of Houston Texas. ConocoPhillips operates in 17 countries with its main operations taking place in the Asia Pacific  region and Middle East….

EOG Resources – Strong Outlook

EOG Quotes by TradingView EOG Resources Inc. is an American crude oil and natural gas company based in Houston Texas, trading on the NYSE under the ticker EOG. The company operates drilling sites in Canada, the United States, Trinidad and…

Hess Corporation: Down for the Count? Or on the Rebound?

HES Quotes by TradingView Hess Corporation is an all American production and exploration company that develops, produces, transports, and sells crude oil as well as natural gas liquids (NGLs). Hess Corporation currently trades on the NYSE at $51.62 per USD…