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Month: February 2019


COP Quotes by TradingView ConocoPhillips is an American oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company operating out of Houston Texas. ConocoPhillips operates in 17 countries with its main operations taking place in the Asia Pacific  region and Middle East….

PetMeds- Huge Short Squeeze Potential?

The company has $93 million in cash with a market cap of $486 million. Cash on hand is about 20% of the market cap, with no debt and only liabilities for inventory.

The Stars Group 2019

    Below is an excerpt from out 2019 Stars Group report, Download the full report here  Overview The Stars Group, (TSG on the Nasdaq, TSGI on the TSX) is a global leading online gambling company in terms of brands, revenue, and scale. The…


225Research We have re-branded! We are changing our name to “225Research”. We believe this was an inevitable step in our progress. Our new name reflects a shift towards a more professional focus in our brand and writing. When we first…

Kadant – Outgrowing an Industry

KAI Quotes by TradingView Kadant Inc is an industrial machinery company which operates within the paper industry. The company generates revenues through Papermaking systems, Wood processing systems and Fiber-based products. Based in Westford Massachusetts Kadant is a global leader in…